“Russian: words, music, movement”.
The Children’s Singing Studio at the Glasgow Russian Orthodox School with some female voices from Russkaya Cappella will take part in a 30-minute cultural programme. 
Their performance is on Friday 11 March from 17.15 to 17.45 in the
Piazza at the SECC. This link describes the event:
10 Russian folksongs of various genres will be sung, including game-songs as well as a short scene with a Shrovetide doll (Maslenitsa), pancakes and so on. This year this weekend is that of the Russian Shrovetide. There will be an opportunity to join in some of the singing. Stuart will comment on the importance of the sung word to Russian music and introduce the songs. This performance takes place during the Year of Russian in the United Kingdom. Admission to the entire exhibition and our performance is free of charge, but must be obtained by registering in advance at this website:




 Requiem for Fallen Brothers

by Alexander Kastalsky

for soloists, chorus and organ, with the organ part arranged for string quintet by Graham Hair.

Saturday 7 June 7.30 – 9.00

Hyndland Parish Church, 81 Hyndland Road, Glasgow, G12 9JE.

Russkaya Cappella sings ‘Requiem for Fallen Brothers’ .  This work commemorates those who perished on the battlefields of the First World War and draws on sacred texts and music from several Christian traditions.  The choir is accompanied by the award-winning Aurea String Quartet, with Kirsty Matheson (double bass).  Russian folksongs complete the programme.

Tickets: £10/£8 concession

Advance Reservations from Hillhead Library or email RusskayaCappellaEnquiries@gmail.com






Classes of Russian as a Second Language for Children

Dear Mums and Dads!

We are happy to announce that in 2010/2011 the Glasgow Russian School opens new classes for children who will study Russian as a foreign language. There will be two age groups:

Group 1 - children of 4-6 years.

Group 2 – children of 7-8 years.

You can get additional information in the Russian school on Saturdays from 4:00pm to 6:40pm or by contacting Elena Vakaryuk on macvak4@hotmail.com


Dear Parishioners,


Please remember when parking at Govan Old Church to take good care to avoid parking on the grass, even with only a wheel or two.  The whole of the grass area is part of the historic graveyard.  Also, please note that on Wednesday evenings all cars should be parked only on Govan Road as there are Girls Brigade meetings in the church on these evenings and parents require access to collect their children. Many thanks. 



Are you worried about getting an outfit for your future Son or Daughter in God?

Christening set normally consists of a christening gown delicately finished with a special cross trim and a decorated christening candle.

A christening set for babies and younger children may come complete with a matching bonnet, shoes and a towel.

A christening outfit will be kept as a relic of a memorable and holy day in the life of your Son or Daughter in God .

You can order quality christening sets in our parish.

Your perfect set will be designed by a professional tailor. View the link for a sample of the christening gown

Please make sure that the residents of Glasgow and surroundings place their order no later than 7 days and other towns 14 days before the Christening Day.

All the funds raised will be used for the church essential needs.